A Post Just for My Daddy

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 12.12.59 AM.png

My Dad would pick me up and drop me off at school every day until I graduated high school. We sang a lot of songs in those car rides like “I’m not Crazy” by MatchBox 20 or “Intuition” by Jewel or “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Sometimes I was a brat and wanted to just play my walkman, but my Dad always tried to turn the radio up a little louder when he heard one of my favorite songs so we could just sing or talk for a little while. It always worked 

Later on in life, my first boyfriend gently broke up with me at an ice cream parlor. As a consequence of this, I was crying and called my Dad to pick me up. My Dad was already there. He knew, he always knows. We went home, and he comforted me with my Mom all night.

From parties to social meetings to work to college to airports to travel…my Dad was always game to bring me home. Didn’t matter the time, didn’t matter the day 

On my last day as a single person, my Dad picked me up from our home to walk me down the aisle so I could marry my husband.

I don’t write this with sadness, I write this with joy that I have had the privilege to have a parent that was present in so many aspects of my life. From professional advice, to personal advice, to cooking advice… I am very grateful to have the relationship I have with my Dad.

Daddy, I love you very much. You inspire me to be a better friend, partner, co-worker, leader, and so much more. You have an elegance in the manner you approach life. I am in awe of it.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy.

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